• ...that the Blountsville Historical Society is a non-profit organization and donations are welcome?
  • ...that the Blountsville Historical Society, founded in 1990, was recognized as Alabama's most outstanding historical society in 2006?
  • ...that Blountsville originally was called Bear Meat Cabin?  The name was changed when the new town became the seat of government for Blount County in 1819.
  • ...that the Pharmacy sits on the old town square where two courthouses have stood?
  • ...that several companies of soldiers enlisted for Confederate service in Blountsville during the Civil War?  Names are listed at the Blountsville Historical Park museum.
  • ...that three large raids occurred through the village of Blountsville (population 400) during the Civil War?  The Forrest-Streight Raid was May 1, 1863, and Rousseau's Raid was July, 1864.
by Joyce Thompson
Blountsville Historical Society

Photos & Info

Freeman House Museum
The Freeman House was built in the 1830's.  Sitting on it's original site, the house was refurbished using original brick after storm damage in the 1920's.  Initially, the house was a two story home, but was made a single story following the storm.  This home was donated to the Town of Blountsville and the Blountsville Historical Society in memory of: Paul & Gertrude Freeman and Lee & Alma Scott.
Old Blountsville Jail, donated in memory of Ann Weaver Martin (Mrs. Emory Martin)
ca. 1836 Brooksville Post Office, donated in memory of Minnie Barnes.
ca. 1800's Isham Chamblee Cabin.  Donated to the Blountsville Historical Society by Mrs. Ed. Hart.  Mrs. Eddy Doty, a descendant of Isham Cahmblee was instrumental in helping to get the cabin relocated to the Historical Park.
ca. 1850's This cabin came from Tennessee, belonged to Hoyt McCullough of Blountsville, was purchased from Jim McCullough and moved to the Historical Park.
This cabin was constructed using logs from an 1800's barn.  Donated by families of Captain William Graves, Mark D.L. Graves and J.H. Graves.
Society Chapel.
Rare 1800's Log Barn, donated by Billy Alldredge.
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